About The Odd Macabre

Welcome to The Odd Macabre, where we offer unique and authentic experiences for those who are always looking for something different. Based in Savannah GA and St. Augustine FL, we specialize in hosting scavenger hunts, ghost tours, paranormal investigations, true crime tours, and history tours that are unlike any other.


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Authentic and Unique

Our philosophy is simple: we research and write all of our tours in-house, ensuring that our tours are not cookie-cutter copies of others. We believe that our customers deserve something more authentic and unique than what is offered by the standard tours and experiences.

At The Odd Macabre, we’re committed to providing you with high-quality experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. We take pride in our values of uniqueness and quality, and we’re always looking for new ways to create exciting and memorable experiences for our customers.

Explore our website to learn more about our tours and experiences, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to book a tour. We look forward to showing you a different side of Savannah GA and St. Augustine FL with The Odd Macabre.

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Our Journey...

Our journey at The Odd Macabre has been a wild ride filled with ghostly encounters, historical discoveries, and thrilling adventures. It all started back in 2014 when we launched our first tour, A Night Among Ghosts Investigative Walk. We were driven by a passion for the paranormal and a deep desire to share our love of history with others.

In 2016, we took a huge leap and moved into a small office space on King Street in St. Augustine, FL, where we created our parlor concept. We poured our hearts and souls into building this unique space, and it quickly became a hub for all things spooky and fun. Over the next four years, we continued to add new experiences and tours, including our beloved van Gypsy and The 13 Keys Scavenger & Mystery Games.

But we weren’t content to rest on our laurels. In 2020, we moved closer to the historic district, and expanded our parlor at 76 Spanish Street. We introduced new experiences like WhichCraft Candle Parlor, partnered with the Ximenez-Fatio House Museum for paranormal investigations, and debuted the Ghostorian’s Grimoire tour.

We kept pushing ourselves to create even more immersive and exciting experiences, and in 2022, we introduced several new tours like Madness & Malice, St. Augustine’s first ever true crime tour, as well as Spooky St. Augustine and Lifting the Veil. We’re always striving to be innovative and authentic, and we’re so proud of the experiences we’ve created for our guests.

As we look towards the future, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be relocating our parlor in 2024 and expanding our reach to Savannah, GA. and launching The Odd MacabreCast in June of 2023, as well as a Patreon and YouTube channel where you can join us on our journey. We can’t wait to see what the future holds, and we’re honored to be able to share our passion for the paranormal and history with all of you.