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Step into the oldest cities in America and immerse yourself in their rich history and mysteries. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a lifelong resident, playing The 13 Keys Scavenger and Mystery Games in the old cities never fails to amaze. All of the oldest cities in the continental U.S. have treasure troves of stories, histories and hauntings waiting to be discovered.


Now, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve expanded our games to include Savannah, Georgia – another of America’s oldest cities. Join us on a journey of discovery as we reveal the intriguing past and the stories that make it come alive.


What better way is there to explore than with The Odd Macabre Experience, The 13 Keys Scavenger and Mystery Games? Our team of writers has conducted thorough research to uncover fascinating, untold histories and secrets of the oldest cities. We’ve combined our findings with fun and challenging puzzles and riddles, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave you in awe as we guide you through the hidden nooks and winding streets, you’ll unravel clues and unveil the secrets of these incredible places.


At The Odd Macabre, we’re passionate about bringing history to life and sharing it with you. So come and explore the oldest cities with us – we guarantee you’ll never see them the same way again.

augustine florida experience the 13 keys scavenger hunts
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We had so much fun doing the self guided haunted scavenger hunt! This is a great way to see parts of St. Augustine that you would walk right by as well as learn some history and get a little scared at the same time! I took my adult daughters and 2 teenage granddaughters who loved it so much. Wear good walking shoes as you'll get some exercise! Highly recommend!!
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"The scavenger hunt was not only interactive and informative but challenging enough to require concentration which made it fun. I got a two hour tour of the city and saw lots of sites that helped me determine what I wanted to do with the rest of my time here. What really stood out is the character of the hosts. It began raining during my scheduled hunt time and we had to call it quits less than halfway through. Heather went above and beyond, allowing us to finish the next day which was no only a holiday, but a day they aren't typically open for the scavenger hunt. Lastly, she gave us advice where to find a good brunch spot. She recommended a French/Greek bistro off the beaten path which ended up being FANTASTIC. My girlfriend and I got a hell of a value with this booking!"
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"Super fun way to see and learn about St. Augustine. It was our first time to visit the bustling city of St. Augustine and we wanted to get to know about the city in a unique way! This scavenger hunt was perfect! It would be for all ages but it does require patience with each other and to just enjoy the experience. The hunt is well thought out and easy to follow but just interesting enough to keep you engaged! We learned lots! The hosts, Steve and Heather, were Amazing! "
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"Don't Miss It! A clever and super-fun way to explore and learn about St. Augustine. Heather and Steve are delightful hosts and stay in touch with you during your exploration. We spent closer to 3 hrs. (and happily so!) and didn't feel we were off the mark speed-wise. It's just great fun and we are still talking about it. St. Augustine is the perfect place for this kind of introduction."
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"13 Keys Scavenger Hunt is a super fun way to get to know St Augustine! We had a blast, made new friends and learned a lot!"
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"This was a fun way to see parts of the city that I might have missed otherwise! Great adventure."

What is a typical scavenger hunt?

noun: a game, typically played in an extensive outdoor area, in which participants have to collect a number of miscellaneous objects.

What is The 13 Keys Scavenger and Mystery?

verb: The action of having an amazing time hunting clues, solving puzzles, and immersing yourself in the history and mysteries of the oldest cities. The 13 Keys Scavenger is known to evoke excitement, enjoyment, and a sense of accomplishment, as well as gaining an astute knowledge of the old cities!

In other words, it’s really, really fun and you’ll be smarter when you’re done.

savannah cotton exchange building

Scavenger Hunts in the old cities!

Looking for a fun and unique way to explore the oldest cities? Look no further than The 13 Keys Scavenger and Mystery! With several categories to choose from, including History, Haunted, and Romance, you and your team can explore famous sites and find hidden gems across 13 “key” locations.

As you wind around town, take in the breathtaking architecture, famous landmarks, and picturesque locations, all while following clues, solving riddles, and completing challenges. Whether you want to make it a day trip or a race to beat the fastest time, you can explore the city your way and stop at unique shops and attractions along the way.

Your guide is available to you via text for the entire game, helping you with clues, hints, and even recommendations for great places to check out. Discover the oldest cities in a new and exciting way with The 13 Keys Scavenger and Mystery!

See the oldest cities your way!

The 13 Keys Scavenger & Mystery games are the perfect way to see the old cities in a whole new way…your way! Each game is at your own pace so you can stop along the way and experience all that these old cities have to offer. You participate with only your own group so… eat, drink, explore, and experience the city the way you want to!
A day of discovery and adventure awaits you

How it Works!

Interested in our scavenger games? Book your tickets, stop in and get your gear and a few instructions, and you are on the path to find fun and adventure! Your team will follow clues and directions, with the help of a compass, to get around town and hunt for the 13 key locations to unlock answers at each location, while solving puzzles and riddles along the way. Stay connected with your guide via text the entire time, so you can ask any questions, get additional clues, or even find great places to experience along the way in this beautiful old city. The average course is approximately 1.5 miles takes 2.5 hours to complete.

It’s just your group, so you can stop along the way and see the city the way you want to. Stop and eat, drink, shop or take in all the museums, galleries and unique shops along the way. See things you’ve never noticed about St. Augustine. Enjoy it your way!

Join the fun!

Enjoy the old city your way! Join the adventure at The 13 Keys Scavenger and Mystery. Follow the clues, solve the puzzles and find the key locations and unlock the answers all while exploring the Oldest City. Book your group’s day of fun at The 13 Keys Scavenger and Mystery now, located in the heart of the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida. This hidden gem is perfect for families, couples, friends, wedding parties, or corporate looking to book a fun day of activities while learning about local history, going on a ghosts hunt, or exploring the beauty and architecture of the Oldest City. Discover things you may have never known about St Augustine’s rich history, architecture, and landmarks while taking the time to see the city your way!

Sights of St Augustine

castellio de san marcos st augustine fl

Castillo de San Marcos

Castillo de San Marcos is a must-see attraction in St. Augustine, Florida. This 17th-century fortress was built by the Spanish and is the oldest masonry fort in the continental United States. The fort is constructed of coquina, a type of shellstone, and is an impressive display of architecture and engineering.

The fort has seen its share of battles and sieges over the years, including a siege by the English in 1702 and another by the British in 1740. It was also used as a military prison during the Civil War. Today, visitors can explore the fort and learn about its history through exhibits and interpretive programs.

If you’re planning a visit to St. Augustine, be sure to add Castillo de San Marcos to your itinerary. It’s a fascinating piece of history that shouldn’t be missed.