Lifting the Veil

Paranormal Investigative Tour

St. Augustine, FL

Go beyond the ghost tour… investigate!

What it’s about…

Our Lifting the Veil tour offers a fully investigative experience combining a captivating mix of deep-rooted, researched histories and amazing haunted locations. Your group will reach beyond the history, as you attempt to communicate with those on the other side utilizing intuitive techniques, Victorian Spiritualism practices, and modern paranormal equipment. Your open mind is the ultimate key to this often eye-opening experience. Lifting The Veil is St. Augustine’s most in-depth investigative experience and the home of the real ghost hunting experience.

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Lifting the Veil

Investigative Ghost Walk

St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine’s most in-depth paranormal tour.

$45 | 2 hr

10:00 pm

Age restricted to 16+

Max 15 Guests